Friday, September 23, 2011

Dear Scampers People –

What a lovely week this has been. We’re so happy to see several of our winter and spring frequent visitors back on our roster, and fitting so nicely with our summer addition pooches, and we’ve been welcoming new pooches every day this week. Add our phenomenal autumn weather to the picture and that whole back-to-school excitement, and we’ve got lots of reasons to be cheerful.

Still Fishing for Votes – We’ve been Nominated!

We are very proud to have been nominated for Evening Magazine’s Best of Western Washington in the Doggy Daycare category. Voting opened on August 29th and ends October 9th. If you feel so inclined, you can add your vote by clicking here.   We sincerely appreciate your votes!

This is also a good opportunity for us to thank you sincerely for all your great support on the online consumer review sites like Yelp and Google. Our online reputation means a great deal to us, and we know that many of you have come to Scampers because of the reviews you have found online.

Prong Collars too challenging for our fumbly fingers

To our pooch families who use prong collars, we have to ask you a favor: We have found that these collars are a particular challenge to un-prong and re-prong during the particularly frenetic pooch drop-off and pooch pick-up times, and we therefore ask that you remove them yourselves at drop-off and restore them yourselves at pick-up. Our arthritic fingers are ever so grateful!

Back to School “Friends with Best Friends” Promotion

Don’t forget about our Back To School edition of Wanted: Friends with “Best Friends”. When you refer a new client to Scampers and they buy a pass, you get a Scampers Free Day Reward Card. Collect (and use!) as many Rewards Cards as you can.

Friends with “Best Friends”, Sept-Oct 2011

Refer a friend to Scampers before October 14th, 2011 and we’ll waive the Temperament Test fee for their “best friend”, AND you will each receive a Free-Day Reward Card if they purchase a 10-Day Punch Card or Scampers Camper Monthly Pass.  That’s up to a $62.00 savings for your friend and up to $29 value for each Reward Card you collect. There is no limit to the number of friends you can bring within the month; and each new friend’s purchase of a pass will result in another Free-Day Reward Card for you. All we need is their vet to fax us their vaccination records (which they normally have a quick template for … our fax number is: 425-821-4685), and we’ll take it from there!  Be sure they tell us they were “wanted” so we can give you each your Rewards during our Back To School Wanted! Event!!

Pooch Needs a Spruce-Up? Chris Sugarbaker of Cut-’N-Run – Next Visit is this Tuesday, September 27th  

Chris will be at Scampers for a grooming visit again on Tuesday, September 27th. If your dog needs some sprucing up, be sure to claim your dog’s spot with him right away – his schedule can fill up quickly.

Pawlogic’s Inspired by the Back-To-School Season

Pawlogic is offering a great deal to Scampers Campers – Cathy is offering one-on-one private training for your dogs during their day at Scampers, in half hour time slots, and customized to your requirements. Your dog will come home with an itemized report card and maybe even some homework for you! You’ll also get a complimentary pass to drop in on one of the Pawlogic group classes. Call Cathy at 425-443-5280 to reserve your spot – there’s been a great deal of interest already, so please give her a call to make sure you get one of those slots!

Pooch Health – a Cooperative Effort

Please remember your role in protecting the health of your own dog as well as all the Scampers Campers. If your dog is displaying symptoms that warrant veterinary care, please ask your veterinarian if or when return to a daycare environment is appropriate.

Pooch Health, cont’d: Current Vaccination Records

Also, as a reminder, we  maintain a policy that all Scampers campers must have current vaccinations. Please keep your dog’s vaccinations current, and ask your veterinarian to forward a copy of any updated vaccination records to Scampers via fax.  Also, do ask your vet to place your dog on a 6-month reminder cycle for bordetella (kennel cough), letting them know that your dog is enrolled in a daycare situation.

Photos and Video

We are now posting videos on YouTube as well as Facebook, Flickr and the Scampers Blog. Take a tour from time to time to see if there are any new shots of your pooch in action. 

Stina Hughes and
Linda Olsen, Partners

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