Friday, March 16th, 2012

Dear Scampers People –

We’ve hit mid-March, and apparently mid-March has decided to hit back … with a vengeance! Our days are lasting longer and your pooches are alternately being entertained by the torrential rain and “graupel” churning up our rain garden and enjoying those occasional sunny breaks. Meanwhile, with all that energy from external influences, we’re also seeing record high attendance at Scampers and the dogs are energized and entertained by all their new friends, too.

Maxing Out – Often!
There have been several occasions recently where we’ve had to place a sign on our door to say we had maxed out our current capacity for our staffing levels and current space configuration, and our drop-in space is now very limited. We are preparing to make some changes as we move toward using the full indoor space we have available. Our eventual capacity will take up to another 20 dogs depending upon the size and shape of the groups. So, do keep telling your friends about us — we love to meet them all! Most important, though, please ensure you reserve ahead via email or phone to be sure of your pooch’s spot! A “Reply” to this email works very well, as does a quick phone call.

Tips for High Energy Drop Offs and Pick Ups
We have seen that with our larger attendance numbers, the spike in energy level that comes with drop offs and pick-ups can be difficult for everyone.

At drop-off, if your dog has a very high energy level, we’ve learned that we can often mitigate the anxiety by practicing “sit” and “wait” at each of the access points – the door and each successive gate – to help the dog to focus. For other dogs, the best solution is to remove all the barriers to provide ready access and prevent accidents.

Similarly, at pick up time, the dogs are equally excited to see you. Bear in mind that while we’re delivering your dogs to you, there may be other customers waiting – we don’t want them mowed down by excited pooches, and we try not to keep anyone waiting too long while we practice manners! That may mean, though, that your dogs could be delivered to you “out of order” – it’s just to keep everyone safe.

Pooch Needs a Spruce-Up? Chris Sugarbaker of Cut-’N-Run – Next Visit is Tuesday, March 20th
Chris will be at Scampers for his bi-weekly grooming visit on Tuesday, March 20th. If your dog needs some sprucing up, be sure to claim your dog’s spot with him right away – his schedule has filled up completely on more than one occasion.

Pawlogic’s One-on-One Private Training
Pawlogic is offering a great deal to Scampers Campers – Cathy is offering one-on-one private training for your dogs during their day at Scampers, in half hour time slots, and customized to your requirements. Your dog will come home with an itemized report card and maybe even some homework for you! You’ll also get a complimentary pass to drop in on one of the Pawlogic group classes. For more information on Pawlogic one-on-one training or the group classes, call Cathy at 425-443-5280.

We’re anticipating spring with excitement and hope you are seeing signs of a new season in your world, too – blossoms on the trees, bulbs coming up – spring will be here soon!


Stina Hughes and

Linda Olsen, Partners

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