Friday, July 8, 2011

Dear Scampers People – 

We hope everyone thoroughly enjoyed their Independence Day celebrations. We sure did too. And what a fun week we’ve had – lots of dogs, a day of grooming adventures (check Viktor’s before and after shots on Facebook!), and with the changing weather we had lots of outside time and inside time, and we’re adding new and fun personalities to play with. Yesterday brought three lively additions to the Scampers community, and today we are welcoming another newbie – a real cutie, too. We didn’t bring out our pool this week (someone chewed a hole in it!), but the pooches sure enjoy playing under our “sprinklers” in the warm sunshine. 

Scampers Considers Extending Daycare Offering to include Saturdays

We had been receiving many requests for Saturday daycare that we’re working on a way to build it into our business model. Last week, we asked for a “show of interest”, but only three of our campers have responded so far. We’ll hold our decision one more week, in case some of you hadn’t seen the email message. Our hurdle is staffing, but Scampers could offer Saturday daycare By Reservation Only, with reservations and payment received by the prior Wednesday, and a minimum attendance of 12 dogs. With that in mind,  would you be interested? (Note: Saturday daycare would not be covered on our Monthly Passes.) Please let us know if you would be interested in using Saturday daycare. 

Pooch Needs a Spruce-Up? Chris Sugarbaker of Cut-’N-Run – Next Visit is this Tuesday, July 19th

Chris will be at Scampers for a grooming visit again on Tuesday, July 19th. If your dog needs some sprucing up, be sure to claim your dog’s spot with him as early as you can – his schedule always fills up quickly. 

Scampers Sponsoring “Look Alike Contest” at Go Dog Go! – July 23rd

Scampers will be participating as Best In Show sponsor in Go Dog Go! at Juanita Beach on July 23rd, and our event will be the “Look Alike” Contest. We’d love to see some of our campers in the competition – What do you think? Could you and your dog be contenders? 

Only three weeks left in our Paint the Town Purple contest!

Don’t forget, with Scampers in business building mode again, you have a great opportunity to win a fine dinner at Purple Wine Bar – and share your luck with a friend! Each new client referral resulting in a purchase between now and July 31st will be eligible for a draw for a pair of gift certificates – one for the refer-er and one the refer-ee – each for a fine dinner for two at either Purple Wine Bar in Kirkland or Purple Wine Bar in Woodinville. 

Pawlogic One-Day Seminars

Pawlogic is offering one-day seminars throughout the summer months that emphasize important training cues. Pencil these dates in: July 30th – Reliable Recall,  August 13th – Loose Leash Walking, and August 27th – Coffee Shop Etiquette. All seminars have limited space, and a couple have filled up, but Cathy has announced extra sessions to accommodate the volume of responses. Call her to reserve your spot. 

Reminder: Pooch Health – a Cooperative Effort

To follow up on our Pooch Health Concern notice last week, at Scampers, we have always employed a very strict cleaning regimen to mitigate the transmission of Giardia and other vector-borne diseases; however, you can help to protect your own dog as well as all the Scampers Campers: If your dog is displaying symptoms that warrant veterinary care – whether for runny eyes, diarrhea, or a sore paw – please ask your veterinarian if or when return to a daycare environment is appropriate. 

Photos and Video

Whenever you have an extra few minutes, take a tour of the videos and photos in Facebook, Flickr and the Scampers Blog and see if there are any new shots of your pooch in action. 

Stina Hughes and
Linda Olsen, Partners

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