Friday, April 15, 2011

Dear Scampers People –

It’s mid-April, tax day, and we’re gearing up for Spring! We have such hope for sunshine and warm temps that we’re putting up our shade tents. We’ve even taken down the Christmas lights!

We’ve welcomed lots of new dogs to the Scampers community, the youngest will have her first day on Monday. She’s 12 weeks old. And the eldest is Mia, a 15 year old wonder of a pooch who spent several days with us while her human found a dog-friendly place to live. We have encountered some wonderful personalities and it’s our pleasure to share them all with you. Now that Stina’s happily able to spend more time with the pooches, there’s more time to shoot and post some of the videos and photos on the web for your entertainment, both on our website (through Flickr) and on Facebook. Watch for them in the upcoming days.

Pooch of the Month for April/May, 2011 – We have a winner!                                                             

It took a little longer than usual, what with all the kafuffle of the past month’s events, but we have a clear winner for Pooch of the Month. Congratulations to Baxter Schwartz, who won the most recent poll in a landslide. Baxter’s a five-day-a-week Camper who has developed a fan club of the Scampers part-time cleanup crew.  

Pooch Needs a Spruce-Up?  Chris Sugarbaker of Cut-’N-Run Visits Tuesday, April 26th

Chris will be at Scampers for a grooming visit again on Tuesday, April 26th. His schedule does fill up quite quickly, so claim your dog’s spot with him as soon as possible.

Pawlogic Dog Training LLC

Cathy Madson of Pawlogic Dog Training has been using the Scampers space after hours for group classes including Basic Obedience, Continuing Obedience and Real Life Training, and Introduction to Obedience for Puppies. If you’re among some of the later pickups, you may have seen her setting up her equipment – lots of color and fun. For more information, or to enroll your pooch in one of the classes, feel free to speak to speak to Cathy the next time you see her here, or call at 425 443 5280. You are also invited to visit the Pawlogic website at 

Stina Hughes and
Linda Olsen, Partners

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