Dogs 1 and 2

Meet Rosie and Biscuit.

Rosie’s on the Right. She’s Dog 1. She is a 4 year old beagle, a rescue dog adopted 3 years ago. An unassuming pooch, she’s gentle and loving, a truly wonderful beast with ears like warm velvet and a frequently happy tail. She loves rabbit poop.

Biscuit is the fuzzy wonder on the Left. She’s Dog 2, also 4 years old and a rescue dog. She was just adopted three weeks ago. She’s a picky eater, until it comes to others’ food, a talented dancer and jumper, loves to show off, and truly hates to be away from her human.

Biscuit’s human is Linda, The Brunette, co-founder of Scampers Daycamp for Dogs. Biscuit’s had a haircut since this photo was taken.

Rosie’s human is Stina, The Redhead, co-founder of Scampers Daycamp for Dogs.

This was the day Biscuit was adopted, when they first met. It was great to see that Biscuit and Rosie became good friends immediately. Good thing, because they’re hanging out together all the time.

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