A Well-Attended Thursday with Spring Sunshine

Even with a goodly number of pooches in attendance, everyone relaxes when we’re able to spend our day outside!

Basking in the Shade of Tent No. 1

There are sun lovers and shade lovers and those who love to hop back and forth.

Finn (Black Lab), Breslin (Choc Lab) and Calley (Lab x)

Yes, it was a Lab focused day… Here are some more:

Just a few of the labs
Eric, and more labs...

Let’s see… Of our lab Campers, today we had Finn, Breslin, Bella, Snoopy, Giddy, Thunder, Zoe, Zyah, Abby, and newbies Shuksan and Stelvio. We were missing Dexter, Max, Stella, Brady, Buddy R and Buddy M. Popular breed indeed!

Joining them were Grey, Keoni, Shayla, Tug, Brutus, Gonzo, Alex, Merlyn, Calley and Opie (who are also both lab X’s!)

Shade loving big dogs

And on the little pooch side, we had a bunch of fun personalities too!

Suzanne gives Kodi a smooch

 Meanwhile, Baxter found a comfy place for a shady snooze.

Baxter catches some Zzzzzz's
Stephanie and the labs
Stina has her own following of little pooches.
Adorable Apu
Pretty Girl Irie

 They say it’s a dog’s life. Well, thanks to all our wonderful Campers, we also have such a wonderful life – what a way to make a living!

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